Visitor FAQ

Where can we find __________________?

Answer – Please stop by the Arthur Amish Country Welcome Center located at 106 E. Progress Street in Arthur.  A volunteer (usually from 10 to 3) will be able to provide the assistance you need to find the product, service and/or business you are seeking.  You may also call the Welcome Center at 217-543-2242.


Where can I meet a “real Amish person”?

Answer – The Amish culture is a daily life rather than a “theme” concept.  As you stroll the downtown area of Arthur and/or drive around the countryside you will be able to observe the Amish going about their daily lives.  Some of the Amish are willing to grant “interviews,” if set up prior to your visit.  The contact information can be obtained at the Arthur Amish Country Welcome Center.


We would like to enjoy a meal in an Amish home.  How do we arrange this?

Answer – The Amish families that prepare and serve these types of meals require some type of reservation.  They prefer a minimum of 10 people, but sometimes have openings for a smaller group, as part of a larger group.  Again, the contact information for these families may be obtained at the Arthur Amish Country Welcome Center.


May we stop and visit an Amish family in their home? 

Answer - Please remember the Amish are like many other American families that appreciate their family “time” and privacy.  A visit like this may be arranged prior to your visit with a call to the Arthur Amish Country Welcome Center.

Our family would like to spend a week, or so, living with an Amish family.  How do we arrange that?

Answer – These types of opportunities exist with the proper approach to the proper people.  Again, please contact, or stop by, the Arthur Amish Country Welcome Center at 106 E. Progress Street or call them at 217-543-2242.


I would like to know more about the Amish “way of life”.  What do we need to do to accommodate that?

Answer – Please see question #2 for appropriate actions to follow to arrange a brief “interview” with an Amish family.


May we take pictures of the Amish?

Answer – You may take pictures of about anything Amish except for the people.  Please do not take pictures of Amish people from the front.  Many of them are accepting if you take a picture that does not reveal their face.


What is the Otto Center (sometimes mistakenly called the “Auto Center”) and where is it located?

Answer – The Otto Center is located approximately one-half mile south of Arthur.  It is our largest “gathering hall” and is used to host a variety, and numerous, events throughout the year.  It is a former Amish school, which has been “added to” which enables it to host the largest gatherings in the Arthur Area.  Many of the Amish-hosted events are held in this venue.

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